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Karaoke Revolution

Developed by Blitz Game, Karaoke Revolution allows up to 16 players to get together and take each otheser on in singing contests in an ongoing quest for fame! The game is perfect as either a solo game or a multi-player get-together.
Platform:Xbox 360
Genre:Rhythm Game
Official Site:Karaoke Revolution Homepage
Release Date:20 Nov 2009
Developer:Blitz Games Studios
Tags:Karaoke Revolution, Karaoke Revolution Xbox 360, Blitz Game, 16 players
Also on:PS3, Wii
Karaoke Revolution


Karaoke Revolution offers a number of key game modes, including a Party option for 16 users, which allows participants to compete against each other and create bespoke playlists. The PLAYSTATION 3 version will also feature wide-ranging online play, allowing users to compete with rival singers from all over the globe and download additional tracks in the future.

Solo players can also enjoy Career Mode, wherein players can create their own on-screen persona and lead them to singing glory. During the user’s career, players start in a series of smaller venues, before unlocking bigger stages and accessories. Karaoke Revolution has ten new venues, each boasting elaborate themes and special effects, with amazing pyrotechnics and visual effects designed to complement the onscreen action. Similarly, players can customize the venues, and even play music videos behind their character on a jumbo screen!
• Players can choose between single player Career Mode and a newly expanded Party Mode, where you can set up parties for up to 16 players

• PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers will also have the option to play against up to eight other players or sing a duet with a friend online.

• There will be an option to create playlists in order to sing songs in succession; the player can select up to five songs to perform to or choose to play songs at random.

• All venues offer limitless customisation. Choose from a large selection of stages, props and lighting options to create the venue of your dreams.

• Players can create a virtual representation of themselves, including facial and body morphing,

• Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers can see themselves on the venue screens using the Xbox LIVE Camera or the Playstation Eye.

• Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions have the option to download more master tracks.
News » Karaoke Revolution Announces 50 Songs

Upcoming title announces new additions.

12 Nov 2009 10:15 am

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