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E3 2011: EA Supporting More Kinect

The franchises of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Madden NFL, FIFA and an unannounced sports title will be using Kinect support for the Xbox 360, says Peter Moore, EA Sports President, at E3 2011.

Swinging a golf club or even using your feet in FIFA 12 is something that might change the way everyone sees gaming.

Kinect will not only extend to sports games but to social ones as well. Players will be able to control their Sims using voice control, or playing games in Hasbro Family Game Night, but none of these are going to be available locally to South Africans because the voice commands are region locked, unfortunately.

Big games will also be using Kinect to its fullest potential. For example, Mass Effect 3 will allow gamers to read and say what is on the screen in order to process the dialogue between characters. Voice commands will also be used to gamers who want to order their party members around, moving them to different positions and making different actions.

Motion Control will be making an appearance in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier as well.

It seems developers have really jumped on board with the Kinect this year and it's interesting to see the different gameplay mechanics and ideas that have emerged.

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