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Mary Jane Still Has an Advantage in FIFA X360 DGL

While Hi5's Mary Jane was poised to take the top of the log for the second leg of the Xbox 360 FIFA 12 DGL, it was not to be as fraansman once again enjoyed the top spot. But Mary Jane is still in the right place to take out this top contender and perhaps even the leg – provided he keeps performing as well as he has.

Because of fraansman's top spot in the leg 2 logs he enjoys a bye for the first round of the Champions Cup playoffs. In the meantime, Mary Jane beat Siphiwo in the first round at a score of 2 – 1 out of four matches played (the third match was subject to a draw due to a game setting). This means that in the quarter finals, Mary Jane and fraansman are going to go head to head.

It's worth noting that the last time these two gamers went head to head in FIFA 12, the end result was a draw. Then, when Mary Jane faced Tiaan8 (who placed second in the leg's logs) the result was another draw.

So all he needs to do is convert those draws to wins and he could very well be set.

Tiaan8 is due to face either Flex from the Premier League or murchie56 who hails from the First Division. It's all dependent on what happens in the match between those two players.

Here's what we can look forward to for the first round of the Champions Cup:

Franchize_boy87 vs Soda ZAR
OBI1 mo2223 vs [Hi5]Holden ZA
BMT> Roebou1989 vs AP3TOWN
bluntman vs BMT> DIRKA1992

See the Leg 2 Champions Cup tree.

The Novice Cup is considerably bigger. See it here.

Will Mary Jane take out fraansman in their Playoff match?
He's gonna shine.
No, fraansman will make sure he wins this time.

This poll closed on: 17 Jun 2012 12:00 am

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