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FIFA 12 X360 DGL Not Yet in the Bag

The first leg of the Xbox 360 FIFA DGL 2012 is coming to its close with only four matches of play left – two pick and play matches and two weeks of the leg. The results are showing OBI1 mo2223 at the top of the Premier League, but only by a margin thanks to one extra win and having played one more game than second placer Flex.

Clear winners are pulling away in the Seeding Division as well, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Premier League

Runner-up to the DGL 2011 FIFA Championships, AbasitZA, is currently sitting third in the log. His three losses in the leg went to OBI1 mo2223 in week 4 (who says he was lucky to win) and Flex in week 3 (that match was pretty tight with a 2 games to 1 score).

The first game saw Flex trump AbasitZA with a 4 – 1 score but then lose 2 – 3. It all came down to the final game, which Flex calls a 'classic game'.

"Ozil scored early in the fourth minute but the turning point was when I survived the scramble in the box after AbasitZA hit the post and the ball bounced back off the upright across the goal with Casillas clearly beaten and out of position. That would have been the equalizer and things could have been much different," he says.

AbasitZA's other loss was in week 2 against Vitriolic's Roebou1989. The first match was a draw but Roebou1989 then took the two subsequent matches, 2 – 1 and 3 – 0.

But there's no guarantee that OBI1 mo2223 is going to keep his placing. He is still due to face murchie56 in week 7 and Flex in the first pick and play match. That match will certainly tip the tables for either of the current top two. Flex also has to face Roebou1989 in week 7.

So this leg is by no means in the bag with Premier.

AbasitZA (left) playing Rolo_87 (right) in the DGL 2011 Championships AbasitZA (left) playing Rolo_87 (right) in the DGL 2011 Championships

Seeding Division

All four groups in Seeding are seeing players pulling away and enjoying a first placing. But with some players having only played three games and others five (due to the pick and play matches) it's difficult to pinpoint what's going to transpire in the end. Although if most of these players continue their winning streaks then it's pretty much already decided.

Franchize_boy87, [1T3D]aweawe za, |GOO| Ablue33 and Holden ZA are each leading their respective groups. We'll have to see in the coming weeks how things transpire as the number of games played begin to equalise.

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