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Rapala: We Fish

The game is packaged with the Rapala fishing rod and reel peripheral, letting players cast it, crank it and set the hook!
Official Site:Rapala: We Fish Homepage
Release Date:13 Nov 2009
Developer:Fun Labs
Tags:Rapala: We Fish, Rapala: We Fish Wii, fishing games, Wii fishing games
Rapala: We Fish


Rapala: We Fish takes a “pick up and play”, comical approach to fishing. Featuring five different game modes, including co-op tournaments, 4 player split-screen and multiplayer modes, players can choose from five hilarious characters or play as their favorite.

Players travel to eight locations around the world and compete in 24 tournament events. Battle over 50 wacky fish species, including enormous Legendary Lunkers, with the Rapala rod and reel peripheral for side-splitting fun!
  • In a unique twist, the fish themselves feature zany personalities and hilarious facial expressions that will make players chuckle as they race each other to be the first to catch them.
  • Winning a tournament requires more than just fishing – you must race your boat in arcade-style competitions with power-ups and turbo speed boosts.
  • But hurry - if a competitor knocks the fish out of your boat before you get to the safe harbor, you lose your prized catch!
Previews » Rapala: We Fish Releasing Tomorrow

The anticipated Wii title amongst fishing video game fans is releasing tomorrow, along with a fishing rod and peripherals included with the game.

12 Nov 2009 3:07 pm

News » Rapala: We Fish Announced for Wii

A whole new species of fishing game.

1 Sep 2009 12:59 pm