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Grand Slam Tennis Wii Review


Introduction Graphics and Sound: Page 1

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis is no doubt the definitive tennis game for Wii. It's the first game to support the new Wii Motionplus, which takes the gameplay to a whole new level.

Gamers get to play as any of the tennis greats, and they're all there – John McEnroe, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Stefan Edberg, Serena Williams – 23 in all.

Gamers can also create their own player and take them through a career mode of sorts (Grand Slam), where they can become the next Grand Slam champion.

Federer wins French Open.


EA Sports has opted for a cartoon-like style, with accentuated features for each tennis player, which works for the Wii and helps the gamer easily see who is who. The courts in the game represent real-life counterparts fairly well.

Player movements are done well, with players throwing rackets down or holding their hands up in aggravation when a shot goes wrong. All this certainly adds to the competitive feel of Grand Slam Tennis.

The camera movements in the game are done well and sometimes twist to the side if the ball is heading towards a far side of the court. This gives gamers a better idea on how they can place the ball.

Federer playing in a French Open.


The soundtrack works well for the game. At the beginning of a set the crowd hush and the player can feel the tension in the air. As the set continues, the crowd get more into it, adding to the player's stress levels when the crowd feel that the player may miss the ball. Sometimes this can even take the player’s attention away from the game, which is probably what it feels like in real life.

The commentary is sparsely placed, with some recognisable statements that come out again and again. There are one or two funny moments, which can at least make the player feel a little better when they mess up a shot. Commentary for tennis games on TV is usually sparsely placed as well, so the commentary in the game makes it feel quite realistic.

Players’ quirks, such as McEnroe shouting his infamous “You cannot be serious!” through the Wii remote, are expressed in the game. This adds to the authenticity of the title.

Playing on an indoor surface.


Review Ratings

Game play (Tasteful) :8.0
Game play (Controls):8.0
Game play (Interaction):7.0
Immersion (Ability to absorb):8.0
Immersion (Variation in game play and levels):6.0
Immersion (Replayability) :7.0
Immersion (Single player & Multiplayer):8.0
Overall Rating:7.3

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