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Tjaart 'Krystalmetherson' Fourie  league profile
- Keep smiling
 [b] Krystalmetherson Tjaart Fourie
 Alias Name
 30 years  18 Nov 1985
 Age / Gender Date of Birth
 • South Africa • Wallis and Futuna Durban
 Country / Nationality City
 6339 12 Mar 2009
 Profile Views Member Since
 Mon, 13 Jan 2014 11:11 am Unisa
 Last Online Employer / University / School
 BCOM informatics  > your style
 Occupation / Course Gaming Style
 mario; diablo; crysis; cod me fingers
 Favourite Game(s) Favourite Weapon(s)
 me legs alfie
 Favourite Vehicle(s) Favourite Movie(s)
 generation kill; true blood anything but rave
 Favourite TV Show(s) Favourite Music My masai sword :/
 Homepage / Website Interests
 Keep smiling
 neh eh eh eh eh eh
 peter griffin