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Clive 'Legend' Underwood  league profile
- Merry Christmas I keell you
 NvS.Legend Clive Underwood
 Alias Name
 50 years  15 Apr 1968
 Age / Gender Date of Birth
 • South Africa  Pietermaritzburg
 Country / Nationality City
 4756 11 Jan 2009
 Profile Views Member Since
 Fri, 31 Oct 2014 4:45 pm Dragon skin master
 Last Online Gaming Style
 The Call Of Dutys AK 47 and a Little Friend
 Favourite Game(s) Favourite Weapon(s)
 The Memphis Belle Girls Of The Playboy Mansion
 Favourite Movie(s) Favourite TV Show(s)
 Favourite Music
 Merry Christmas I keell you
 Trust Me I am A Doctor