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Torchlight Delivers


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Gamers no longer need to wait for Diablo III with nothing else to play. Torchlight comes from the designers of Diablo I and Diablo II. Runic Games, also famous for the popular cult hit Fate, have brought a fast paced, role playing game (RPG) mixed with genuine, old school hack and slash.


Torchlight takes players on an epic adventure through gloomy dungeons and mines. In the typical Diablo style, players will go to new areas and underground to beat little demons and bosses with giant glowing swords. It all comes together to be exactly what Diablo fans enjoy.

Torchlight, the name of a quaint little mining town which is the starting point of the game, is in some serious trouble. A guy named Alric, who is formerly a good-guy and ally, goes over to the evil side from a corrupt influence of Ember. Ember is a magic enabling mineral found in the mountains near Torchlight.

Players will then join up with the good side in order to track him down through many dungeons and areas to try catch up to him in order to save him.


The graphics in Torchlight have a very animated feel. The game somehow finds a mix between being very light hearted while at the same time having the atmosphere to keep players enthralled in the game. Players will notice that the characters have a very Disney cartoon look with big round eyes and massive square jaws.

The monsters are quite silly and never look like they would hurt anyone, but of course they do. Gamers will find that the characters have exaggerated attack movements and, while silly, end up looking really cool as a giant attack finishes off a few beasts.

Players will find a similar look and feel to Diablo with an almost top down, zoomed out camera view with animated back drops and backgrounds.


The soundtrack in the game is great. It provides gamers with some haunting themes that are very enjoyable. Matt Uelman, of Diablo soundtrack fame, is the composer for Torchlight and his experience really shows. The music keeps a wonderful flow throughout the game and even during combat as well.

Hardcore Diablo fans will notice that the sounds of both the main characters and the monsters are very similar. While not exactly the same, players will be able to pick up the grunt of the Destroyer which sounds remarkably like a Barbarian in Diablo.

The sound effects also play a big part in Torchlight as gamers will be able to hear the smallest of sound effects such as crickets chirping in the open or water dripping into a pond underground. These types of small additions make the game somewhat more refined in its ability to be a Diablo successor.


Review Ratings

Overall Rating:7.2
Industry Rating:8.0


  • Fast paced, action packed gameplay.
  • Plentiful amounts of loot to find throughout the game.
  • Good monster variety


  • No multiplayer

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