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Torchlight Demo Available on Steam

Developer Runic Games have made the demo of their Diablo-esque role-playing game (RPG), Torchlight, available to the public through Valve’s Steam Platform.

Players can download the demo with steam via this website. The demo is about 800 MB in size.

Telkom Do Gaming will make the demo available for download on local bandwidth as soon as possible.

Runic Games had originally planned to only distribute the game on its official website, however, they decided that they would also host it on the largest digital distributor, Steam.

Having the game sold on Steam should greatly boost its sales figures and should enable the franchise to follow through with the Torchlight massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) which they have been planning.

Players of the game have reported that it is incredibly addictive and an ‘instant classic’.

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