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Torchlight 2 Gets Steam Workshop Support

Runic Games has released the official toolset for Torchlight 2. The editor, dubbed GUTS, allows players to create mods for the PC action RPG. This new editor is accompanied by a flood of new content for the game included in the latest update.

The GUTS tool will allow players to modify almost everything from item and skill balance, level layouts, animations and quests.

The GUTS tool will also be integrated with Steam Workshop which allows you to easily download mods or share your own. Players can also rate each other's creations to ensure that the best user-generated content is easiest to find.

The modding community already existed prior to the release of GUTS. SynergiesMOD added 28 new dungeons and even a new class to the game and Runic has decided to include a tool within GUTS to help these early modders convert their creations into the official mod format.

Additionally, the new update will include heaps of new content.

Check out the official announcement for more information here.

Torchlight II is available for only $9.99 (R92.29) until 9 April.

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