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Torchlight 2 Delay

According to a report on DigitalSpy, Runic Games has now delayed the release of Torchlight 2 by setting it back at least one or two months.

Max Schaefer, Runic Games CEO, says the reason it is slipping behind is because Runic were trying to perfect the original Torchlight for Xbox Live Arcade.

“I’d say that the Xbox project, having to do the extra work with the interface, has pushed us back a little bit, so we’re probably talking July right now for Torchlight 2,” he says. He adds that things are going well because Runic developed some optimisations and improvements into the Xbox version so it could go and implement them into the PC version as well.

On the bright side, the load times have been improved and there have been some animation improvements. Schaefer says that the game is playing really snappy and it is also really sharp.

The Xbox 360 version of Torchlight is due for release on 9 March.

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