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Torchlight 2 'Synergies' Mod Adds New Class, Bosses

One of the major problems with titles like Torchlight 2 or Diablo is keeping users interested. Grinding can often become tedious, engaging in repetitive tasks for hours on end but thankfully the community has found a way to reinvent itself without the help of the developers.

Synergies Mod, is billed as a full conversion and adds a number of new Elite-class mobs, maps, bosses and an entirely new class. All this without the still unreleased ‘GUTS’ game editor.

The new class, the Necromancer, is a nice balance of Embermage style magic attacks, the Outlander’s hold and status effects, and a ridiculous number of summoned monsters.

The mod however is geared more toward the end -game and whilst there’s nothing new visually there have still been enough changes made to warrant giving the Synergies mod a go.

Players can download Synergies from the Official Website here.

Future versions of the mod plan to add a Paladin class, an "Incognito" armor set, more quests and world bosses, and another PvP dungeon.

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