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Torchlight Hits 2 Million

Runic Games' PC action role-playing game Torchlight 2 has sold over two million units since launch according to the developer.

The action role-playing game available on Steam was dubbed a 'Diablo clone' but has since enjoyed far more positive criticism despite its considerably smaller player base.

By comparison, the first Torchlight reached one million units within its first two years whilst Torchlight 2 managed to match that number after just three months, and has now doubled that tally after ten months.

"We are overwhelmed by the reception for Torchlight II, says CEO Max Schaefer.

"To hit this milestone is a testament not only to our dedicated development team, but also to the greatest, most positive gaming community I've ever seen."

Runic Games recently released the official toolset for Torchlight 2. The editor, dubbed GUTS, allows players to create mods for the PC action RPG. This new editor was accompanied by a flood of new content for the game.

“I’d just like to say a big thank you to all the players who offered their suggestions on what we could improve, and who stuck with us and supported us during development.

"It wouldn’t have been possible without you, and we’re humbled and grateful at your response," Schaefer finished.

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