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Chinese Torchlight Clone Pulled from App Store

Armed Heroes Online from Entertainment Game Labs (EGLS) has been pulled from the App Store following accusations that it was full of plagiarised content from Runic Games' Torchlight.

According to Develop, Apple has pulled Armed Heroes Online from the AppStore after it was discovered that the game was plagiarising Torchlight assets. Travis Baldree, Runic Games CEO, said that he would be contacting Apple and the game has indeed been pulled off.

In light of the recent removal from the App Store, Joystiq reports that the Chinese developer, EGLS, will be modifying certain parts of the game to steer clear of the Torchlight asset theft accusations. The company said that the “players always come first” and in light of that, it has said that they would “rather just modify parts of Armed Heroes Online which have caused those disputes rather than go on arguing”.

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