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Bandwidth to Burn: November

Every month Telkom Do Gaming publishes an article which highlights the best downloads for that month.

Telkom gives its customers 10 GB's free for every one GB of blended (international and local) bandwidth. This means, for example, that a Telkom customer with a three GB cap will get 30GB local bandwidth for free.

Using all the local bandwidth on gaming media is obviously the best way gamers would want to spend it.

This month's downloads include the PC demo for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and the demo for Avatar: The Game, amidst the Unreal Development Kit and a huge amount of media.

Demos and clients

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC Demo
Size: 1.39GB
Enjoy playing the first mission for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. In this mission, called “Dragon Rising”, gamers must blast the way open for their forces by disabling a radar station and various missile sites. It can be played in co-operative mode as well as single player. Hardcore mode (where the HUD is turned off) is also available in the demo.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Demo for PC
Size: 1.56GB
Avatar, the movie, is quite an anticipated film this year and the game is looking good too. Check out Telkom Do Gaming's look at the game at Gamescom earlier this year, in this story.

Unreal Tournament - Development Kit v2009-11-Beta-2
Size: 562.78MB
Unreal Development Kit (UDK) basically gives anyone the ability to make games using Unreal Engine 3. Check out the story here. (Note: The story links to the first beta of UDK, this link provided above links to the newest version.)

Torchlight Editor (TorchED) v1.0
Size: 838.85MB
Here's TorchEd, the mod tools for Torchlight, Runic Games' hit Diablo-like action-Role Playing Game (RPG). Read a review about the game here. Also grab some tools and assets for the editor here.

Combat Arms Full install v32
Size: 845.75MB
The latest Version of Combat Arms' full client (V32).

Prometheus Unreal mod (standalone free game)
Size: 321.05MB
Prometheus is an award winning mod for Unreal Tournament III. The game can now be downloaded and installed without needing to have Unreal Tournament III, so it is a standalone title. Stephen Whitford, Do Gaming journalist, gave the game a look-see. Read about that here.

Newest Heroes of Newerth (HoN) clients:
HoN is a DotA styled game that is very popular and increasing in popularity. The latest clients can be downloaded from Do Gaming at these links.
HoN Beta Client (Windows v1.49)
HoN Beta Client (Mac v1.41)
HoN Beta Client (Linux v1.41)

Painkiller: Resurrection Demo (Updated)
Size: 1.22Gb
The updated version of the demo for Painkiller: Resurrection. See the story here.

Patches and maps

Dragon Age: Origins - Patch 1.01a
Size: 12.36MB
The first patch for Dragon Age: Origins, with a couple of bug fixes (details at the link).

Dragon Age: Origins Patch 1.01b - All Languages
Size: 15.19MB
This second update for BioWare's popular fantasy RPG addresses some minor bugs.

Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising Patch
Size: 232.67MB
This free update for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising includes the 'Skirmish' downloadable content (with four new multiplayer maps and two new Fire Team Engagement – FTE - missions) as well as numerous fixes.

Borderlands PC Patch v. 1.01
This patch will update Borderlands to v. 1.01 and includes several fixes and updates.

The Sims 3: World Adventures Patch 2.0.86 to 2.2.8 (USA)
The Sims 3: World Adventures Patch 2.0.86 to 2.2.8 (Global)
Size: 18.47MB
Here's an update for The Sims 3: World Adventures. It offers a fix for save file incompatibilities that result in the Error Code 16 error message while saving.

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