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Skyrim Mod for Low-end PC’s

If your PC has been struggling to meet the rather intense system requirements of Skyrim, the guys behind the infamous GTA IV Mod have an answer to help you out.

According to Gamezone, The TESV Reduced Texture Pack will allow Skyrim to run on an underachieving rig with no hiccups, and the 'Performance and Bugfix ENB series 092 Patch 5’ is said to not affect any game files.

It may seem pointless for those with powerful gaming rigs, but gamers who are still persevering with ancient technology may be pleased with this community development for the game. One Reddit user said it works quite well on his Intel Celeron 3.0/2GB DDR2/Geforce 210 512 mb DDR3 machine. If you want to give it a try, you can download it here.

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