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Ultra Rapid Fire Must Stay

Although Riot Games meant it to be an April fool’s joke, many players are really enjoying the Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) mode.

After playing approximately eight games in URF, it is my opinion that it should stay and become a game mode of its own, just like ARAM did. Many people are not looking forward to the day that this game mode is taken away.

URF is a very fast-paced game mode, even faster than ARAM, which lets you spam your abilities as fast as you can as a result of the added 80 percent cooldown reduction. The cooldown reduction coupled with the fact that spells don’t cost Mana or Energy makes for some great jukes as well as gameplay.

I played a few different champions in URF and one of my favourites was Swain. With the fact that spells don’t cost Mana, you can have your ultimate on permanently, life stealing from anything around you.

There are a few champions within URF that are just completely broken and a lot of players ban them out so that neither team can get them. Those champions are ones with high mobility, a lot of poke and already quite low cooldowns. Hecarim is able to spam his “Q” all the time, making it very difficult to get close to him without getting hit. Ziggs can have three to four minefields surrounding him at any time. Master Yi can Alpha Strike so often it is unbelievable and Ezreal pretty much always has his Arcane Shift available to kite around the enemy.

In my opinion, Nidalee is the worst champion to go up against in URF. With the fact that she can spam her spears, turn to tiger form and spam her jump makes it almost impossible to kill her.

URF is extremely fun when playing on your own, but gets 100 times better when playing with friends. The advice that many players give is that there should be a balance between Ability Power and Attack Damage champions within your team as well as having a poke team makes it easy to win games.

All-in-all, if Riot Games would hear our pleas, they would make this a permanent, albeit casual, mode.

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