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Thoughts on African LoL Server

The idea of a local League of Legends (LoL) server has been thrown around, argued, discussed and generally ends up at a standoff between two opposing parties (the yay and the nay), now there are pros and cons of having a local LoL server but which one wins?

Here is a list of the pros and the cons concerning this questions and hopefully this will help you decided whether or not it is a viable option for Africa to have their own server.


  • Lower Ping

  • Better Local tournaments

  • Growth of eSports in South Africa

  • True, paid, professional gamers


  • Isolation from other players

  • Isolation from international tournaments

  • Matchmaking will take a long time, especially in nonpeak times

  • The ranking system with become a mess

These cons will severely hinder the growth of the African LoL Community skill wise. There will be a smaller pool of people to play against and having our own server will close us off to international players and competitions. The lower amount of player would also send the queue times to ridiculous levels as the server would have a harder time trying to find nine other players with similar MMR(Match Making Rating), that are online and in queue. To alleviate this problem the criteria for MMR will be widened resulting in you being matched with players a lot better or worse than yourself.

The biggest problem with having an African LoL server is the ranked queue, with our low number of players compared to other countries or continents you would find that our ranking would go out of whack in a big way, further increasing the disparity in skill between African players and International players.

The best part about having our own server is the fact that e-sports is already growing at a rapid rate, but none of us can actually get to the skill level of international players as a result of having to work or go to school. This bump in getting players to become professionals could vastly improve the gap between us and international players when it comes to e-sports. We will never get to that point until we have gamers that are being paid to play, and this could be an opportunity for that.

Although it is completely up to Riot Games whether or not we get our own server, we also need to make stand if this is something that the community wants. Riot Games will never know that we are capable if we do not voice our opinions. So here is your chance to decide whether or not this is a good idea.

Where do you stand on having an African LoL Server?
Maybe sometime in the future

This poll closed on: 3 Jan 2014 12:00 am

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