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My First Year of Competitive LoL

League of Legends (LoL) has been a huge success in most countries all over the world and this year South Africa joined in on the fun. Although we do not have our own server and we are not part of the LoL Championship Series (LCS) we have done everything we can to make the game as competitive as possible.

When it was announced last year that the Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) would be hosting a LoL league, my first thought was that I would need a team. My parents, grandmother and boyfriend volunteered for the job. The only problem was that neither my parents nor my grandmother had ever played the game.

Teaching my family how to play was quite frustrating but very fulfilling, when they eventually caught on. We were just a fun team and knew we were not going to win any of our matches so we just played to play.

When the Summer Leg of the DGL started we had extremely tough competition to face. You see this was the first time LoL was being played in the DGL and the Summer Leg was a placement leg. We had a lot of fun, losing every single one of our games that weren’t forfeited to us. The best part of the Summer Leg was that my entire family would play under one roof; we had a gaming house of our own.

We had a lot of fun, but me being as competitive as I am, I started to get annoyed with my performance. When I started playing I thought that I was a pretty mediocre player, I knew I was in no way great but I didn’t think I was bad. Playing in the Summer Leg was an eye-opener for me. To be honest, at the time of the Summer Leg I had only been playing LoL for about five months, but I saw exactly where I would have liked to be.

With not obtaining a place in the Summer Playoffs, the team kind of just dwindled a little; we didn’t practice much and barely ever played together. The Winter Playoffs surprised us by its presence and we tried to take it a little more seriously. To our dismay, it had seemed as if we had gotten even worse as a result of no practicing and we started raging more and more, eventually it was very difficult to have fun.

Knowing that we wouldn’t get a spot at the Telkom Do Gaming Championships (DGC) and with the fact that we all had to work there anyway, it was decided that the team would not be playing the following year.

During the year I had the great opportunity to shoutcast the higher division games and I saw just how great the South African teams could be. We have some very strong teams here and it really showed when we went into a LAN setting. The reigning champions, who went undefeated in the DGL the entire year, were close to being beaten when it came to the finals of the DGC.

The DGC saw some very interesting games as well as some games that show you the underdog should not be underestimated. South Africa could go a long way if we keep up the skill level that we have started with. I hope that with the live streaming at the DGC, a lot more South Africans will join in on the competition.

Although my team has disbanded, I will never be out of the scene; I will carry on shoutcasting as well as being the analyst for a new team. I am hopeful that this one will go where my other team could not.

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