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Braum Champion Spotlight

Braum is the latest champion to make his way onto the Summoner’s Rift and honestly; it was about time that the Support role got another tank, instead of healer/utility champion.

Many players cannot wait to give Braum a try and many are spending real money just to get him and his extra skin, which is quite spectacular. For a look at his Dragonslayer skin, check out the video below.

Being a support main, I do enjoy trying new things and I can’t wait to get my hands on Braum. With the fact that he brings a lot of utility to the bottom lane, it seems he will be one of the more favoured supports, once players master him.

With abilities such as “Stand Behind Me” and “Unbreakable” it is going to make saving your carry so much easier. We all know that as soon as a carry starts dying, they blame the support, and sure that will still happen, but hopefully it will be a much easier job with Braum.

With his release being so close to the start of the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Winter Leg, it is a wonder if any of the teams will manage a chance to play him, or will he be banned out for the first couple of weeks?

In my opinion, the best thing that Braum brings to LoL is the fact that when he gives a Poro a cookie on Howling Abyss, the Poro grows a moustache, how cool is that?

All-in-all it seems Braum will be a champion fit for those that like to be more defensive but still aggressive enough to need his kit for kills. He reminds me a lot of Leona and I am so glad that there is another support style champion to learn. For more information on Braum, you can check out the Champion Spotlight below or go to the LoL website.

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