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Xerath Remake

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It’s rework time again and Riot Games has set its sights on Xerath. Most people are wondering, why this change to Xerath?

Riot Games has listed some good reasons, for the decision to remake Xerath some of them being his game health issues and fulfilling his archetype. This means that the change should put him more in line with what Riot Games had originally planned this champion to be like.

Xerath has become a bit of a “one-trick-pony” with the limit of his decision making being very simplistic and not very interesting. It all boils down to one train of thought while on the battlefield, “do I have my ultimate?” and if you didn’t, you would just wait around a bit until you did.

Another root problem with Xerath was the fact that he had an unnaturally high amount of spell penetration and range. His spell penetration coupled with his significant amount of damage output and the large distances he could achieve (basically he could sit off screen and kill an enemy) made it hard to dodge his abilities at times. This presents a couple of problems. If a champion is hard to dodge one should be able to build defensive items against them, but these options were not viable against Xerath’s long range and high spell penetration.

Riot Games has identified “Locus of Power” as one of Xerath’s root problems, as Xerath is a champion that is supposed to played as a skilful long range mage, who picks off high value targets, but with “Locus of Power” this concept falls away. The ability to pick a high value targets becomes less relevant turning his decision into going after the difficult backline kill or the more popular destroy the frontline while ignoring their puny magic resist.


  • “Locus of Power” has been completely taken away. Riot Games, in their sanity, decided to keep the trade-off in mobility and have incorporated it into his other skills.

  • “Arcanopulse” will now slow your movement speed as you charge up its range.

  • “Rite of the Arcane” has you standing still during the duration of the spell.

There are one or two things you should be aware of with regards to Xerath’s re-work. His new kit makes him more Mana hungry than ever. You can work around this by using his new passive “Mana Surge” which allows him to regain Mana by landing an auto-attack and gaining double the Mana for hitting a champion.

It might take a while for people to get used to the new way of playing Xerath but hopefully more players in the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) will add him to their rosters.

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