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URF Being Removed Soon

The newest League of Legends gameplay mode has been said to have made the game so much more fun that Summoners are petitioning to make it a permanent game-type. Unfortunately Riot Games has no such plans.

Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) is a fun game mode where there is no mana costs and 80 per cent extra cooldown. The main thing about URF is to spam your spells and have fun. A few Summoners have been complaining about the fact that some champions are just to overpowering in this game mode. As such there have been a few champions taken out of the pool. Those champions are:

  • Ryze
  • Kassadin
  • Hecarim
  • Soraka
  • Nidalee
  • Alistar
  • Kayle
  • Skarner

Although this game mode is meant to be a crazy yet fun time, players have started to be “try-hards” (players that feel they have to win) and make up powerful team compositions or rage at others when they start losing. This is not conducive to a fun time. This was always supposed to be a temporary game mode, and will remain temporary unless Riot Games decides otherwise.

It does not seem that Riot Games will be making this permanent as Riot Employee DanielZKlein has posted on a Reddit thread. “This is what we call degenerate gameplay. A mode we clearly cannot and will not balance for will degenerate into stale, "clearly the best" strategies very quickly. One of the many reasons we don't want to keep our fun modes around permanently. I think it's much better to rotate them out and in with new modifiers. ARURF? Why not! ALL FOR URF? Sure, that might be fun. The important thing is to keep it fresh and fun. Summoner's Rift is meant to be the balanced, super deep, super complex game mode--everything else should be quick and fun, and part of that is keeping it impermanent. This was in response to a Summoner complaining about “try-hards” which you can read here.

There is currently a petition going on to make URF a permanent game mode and a lot of Summoners are hopeful that it will stay, but it seem Riot Games has made up its mind. URF will be taken from the Rift on 13 April to make room for the next featured game mode and will hopefully return at a later date.

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