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Update on Tribunal Status

There have been a few threads recently about bad pardons when it comes to the League of Legends (LoL) Tribunal and a lot of players are asking Riot Games to reverse those decisions.

The Tribunal system was put into LoL to regulate what behaviour is deemed unacceptable by the community at large. If Riot Games was to reverse the decisions, it would undermine the original idea and goal of the Tribunal.

As player support lead on player behaviour at Riot Games, Sherom puts it, “the outcome of these kind of cases sometimes doesn't align with our desires, and it's purely because in some instances, the set of voters selected to review them are a bit more lenient. Once again, we do not reverse bad pardons because, statistically, those players who display poor behaviour in-game will end up in the system and will be punished accordingly if they don't abide by the Summoner's Code.”

There is also a reason on why very few “punish” cases have been completed. The Tribunal itself is working well but the database that is connected to it has an error. This prevents the “punishes” from being completed correctly. All the results are stored so that when the team of technicians working on the problem are finished, the cases should be completed quickly.

Players are still able to use the Tribunal but will only see “pardons” until the error is sorted out.

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