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Twitch Group Chat Beta

Twitch has always been a place where players and streamers could get together to stream and chat about what is going on.

Twitch has announced that there is a new beta initiative called Group Chat available. This will enable users to make private chat rooms, which are invite-only, that are completely separate from the traditional Channel Chat.

During the beta phase only users of the Twitch Partner Program will be allowed to create chat rooms, normal users can however be invited to those chat rooms. The beta period will be used to make sure things are running smoothly as the amount of people chatting every day just keeps climbing.

Twitch will be utilising this time to keep an eye on the stability of the Group Chat and making sure that the quality of service is up to the standard that Twitch users are used to.

To check out the guide on setting up a Group Chat, you can go to Twitch’s knowledgebase or check out the video on the original announcement.

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