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SKT Championship Skins Arrive

SKT Championship Skins

League of Legends (LoL) Season Three World Champions now have a skin for the five champions they did the best on in the finals of the Championships.

It is always awesome when a new skin comes out in LoL and many Summoners have been wondering when the new SKT skins would come out. It was announced a while ago that the champions getting the new skins would be Jax, Lee Sin, Zed, Vayne and Zyra. Of course champions like Lee Sin, Jax and Vayne already have a lot of skins to choose from, but this is limited availability and if you don’t get it now, you won’t get them.

Below are videos showing the skin in game and how the abilities will look when cast.

Each skin will be 750 Riot Points (RP) each and the ward skin is 640 RP. You will be able to grab the bundle at 25 percent off (3292 RP) over the course of their release. They will only be around until 19 May, so get them while you can.

The Season Two Championship skins will also be available until 19 May at 750 RP each or in a bundle costing 2812 RP. This is a flexible bundle and will cost 5358 RP if you do not have the champions to go along with the skins.

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