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RP Purchases Disabled

There was a small bug in conjunction with Riot Points (RP) purchases yesterday, 5 March. This bug was causing issues with the fulfilling of RP transactions.

On 5 March, Riot Games disabled all RP purchases to fix the bug. The technicians were hard at work to try and resolve the issue. At approximately 8pm, the purchase RP button was re-enabled and Summoners were advised that if the transaction was interrupted, they should try the purchase again. Of course those that already had money come off their account should not retry and their RP should become available to them soon.

Of course, as with many things, the bug just changed. Many people that had purchased RP still were not getting what they paid for. Once again Riot Games had to start investigating the problem.

Riot Games double checked that everything was okay and they came up with no errors on their side. With some people still having problems, Riot Games has said that they need to send in a ticket to their Support staff.

Unfortunately, the Riot Games Support staff are already overloaded and sometimes it takes a few days for them to respond. Hopefully they will make the RP purchases a priority as it hinders the business if people can’t use the micro transactions that bring in the money.

If you are having a problem with purchasing RP, please send a ticket in to the Support staff, although there should be no problems with it from now onwards.

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