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Riot Games Talks Voice Chat

Riot Games has broken its silence on a rather hotly debated topic, “should LoL have a built in Voice Chat System?”

Since the recent emergence of Curse Voice there has been a lot of questions about it and why Riot Games won’t do it. This often leads to quite a lengthy debate about how this feature could be good and bad and is covered in a general though vehement point of view depending what side you’re on. Riot Games has finally broken its silence on this argument and shed some light on the subject as they see it, pinpointing the numbers and their reasons against it.

One of the critical points that Riot Games brings up in this argument is the distinct difference between voice chat with strangers, versus voice chat with friends. There is an important distinction between the two as with a poll run by Riot Games asked League of Legends (LoL) players whether they prefer to use voice chat with friends, and “over 79 percent of players agree that it's a more enjoyable way to play LoL”. Here is the kicker, when asked whether they prefer to use voice chat with strangers, the agree rate drops to 50 percent. This means that one in two players do not want to voice chat with strangers, or don't care.

The second point is probably the most obvious, as we all know the LoL community isn’t exactly known for its glowing personality, and Riot Games knows this better then anyone. The toxicity you would see on voice chat would increase tenfold, which would make for a much less enjoyable experience, in some numbers on Riot Games’ articles, games where only some of the teammates were in voice chat “had up to 126 percent more racism, sexism, homophobia, and verbal abuse”. This leads to players using voice chat being reported a staggering 47 percent more than normal. The forum post goes on to say that if there is a woman in the voice chat, it leads to 300 percent more negative comments compared to a male voice or no voice at all.

So what do you think about this controversial matter?

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