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Riot Games on DDOS's

There have been quite a few times where League of Legends (LoL) servers have been DDOS’d and the attacks have made play almost unbearable. Riot Gradius talks more about this:

“The attacks that have recently taken place on many different Internet services are quite large because of a very specific flaw in the NTP protocol. These attacks are called reflection attacks. What's difficult to deal with when it comes to DDOS attacks is that the larger the attacks become, the easier it is for the attacker to completely consume all bandwidth available for a specific provider. What this means is that any Internet service that this provider has under them is also unable to communicate back to the Internet. As the attacks become larger, we block them farther and farther up the provider levels, until we're working with Tier one ISPs to implement access control lists that prevent these attacks.”

The response has been a long time coming but Riot Games has wanted to find the right forum post to have the discussion on as it is difficult to do when players are constantly blaming Riot Games for everything that goes wrong, even if they are already busy working on finding a solution.

Riot Gradius goes on to say that “the networking guys at Riot Games are working both internally and with the Information Security industry as a whole to combat this problem. They are working to find a technical solution to block the attacks as they're on-going, and fixing the underlying problem of open/unpatched NTP servers on the Internet.”

He also says that he wouldn’t mind chatting with the players and would like to address any questions that he can.

The employees at Riot Games are working as quickly as they can to get this problem solved so that no more games are ruined by a DDOS attack. There are many comments on the forum post so feel free to check them out and add your feedback.

It is hopeful that these attacks do not occur during the games played for the LoL Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) Summer Leg or the NoPro Insta-Clash Cup (ICC) but only time will tell.

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