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Quinn Finally Gets a Skin

It has been more than a year since the hype that was Quinn and Valor’s appearance on the Rift and it is about time that Riot Games gives them a new skin.

Sure the Pheonix Quinn skin is quite awe inspiring but it has become dated and seen so often that the novelty has worn off. Unfortunately a new skin will most likely not make Quinn appear any more than the occasional game.

At the moment Quinn is not a viable champion for the Marksman scene. It is this reason that a few players tried her in the top lane and now with the new tank top lane meta, she is once again pushed to the side.

At a time Quinn was banned from almost every game, whether they were the professional championship games or just a random draft pick with friends. She was extremely sought after and if you could play her well, you could win almost any game. That being said, with the inclusion of new and more viable Marksman options, it is doubtful that bringing in a new skin will change her pick rate.

In saying that, the new Woad Scout Quinn skin looks to have been carefully detailed and expertly designed to bring out the deadliness that can be attributed to this pair. Although not much has been changed in the way of ability aesthetics, the detail that went into Valor seems to be a bit excessive for a champion that is barely played.

For all intents and purposes, Woad Scout Quinn is a very good looking skin, unfortunately it will only appeal to the few players that still enjoy outplaying someone with Quinn mechanics. For a look at the in-game changes that this skin brings about, you can check out the video below.

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