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Quantic Gaming No More

Quantic Gaming, owned by Simon Boudreault, has been oozing money for the past year. With staff and key players unhappy, Boudreault had only one more chance. Boudreault believed that his new League of Legends (LoL) team would bring things back to order.

The beginning of the road to Quantic Gaming’s LoL Championship Series (LCS) debut was going wonderfully as they won their first two games of the round-robin stage. The team was looking good to face off against one of the teams relegated from the LCS. Unfortunately on the second day they were unable to win the one game needed to get through.

On 7 December, after a Tweet from Boudreault, the owner went missing, not answering calls from anyone making it impossible for the staff at Quantic Gaming to track him down. Leading StarCraft 2 player, Ko "HyuN" Seok Hyun, is owed $23,000 (R244 690.10), including prize money he won for the team.

“No-one knows where he is," said Kalle Nilsson, a volunteer for the team who handles media enquiries. "The situation is weird. There are a lot of people around Quantic who are great at what they are doing and so this is hurtful for them, because they really love the team."

As such the website for Quantic Gaming has been taken down and the team is no more. It is hopeful that the staff will be able to track down Boudreault so that they can get the money they worked hard for.

For more information on the situation, you can head on over to the Polygon article.

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