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LoL Valentines Cards

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebration and now you can send your gaming partner a cute Valentine’s card with a League of Legends (LoL) theme.

The cards feature Heartseeker Vayne, Debonair Jayce and the newest Valentine’s edition; Heartseeker Ashe. If you have played with these champions you will find what the cards say quite amusing as they take some of the most notable sayings and twist them for the purpose of making it romantic.

You do not have to pay for these cards, which is something quite new for Riot Games, all you have to do is download and print. Here are the following cards you can choose from:


Ashe Back


Jayce Back


Vayne Back

Heartseeker Ashe will be coming to the Rift on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to pick up this really awesome new skin. Below is a teaser of what she looks like.

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