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LoL Provider Maintenance

Riot Games and its Internet providers will be performing some live maintenance today, 21 February. It is estimated that this will only take a total of four hours but it is known that most of the time maintenance takes longer than expected.

It is nice that Riot Games has chosen a nonpeak time to do this. It is currently underway and will hopefully end around 2pm. During this time ranked games will be disabled and “loss forgiven” will be implemented.

Players are warned that they might experience disruptions of service during the maintenance and they are encouraged to be sportsmanlike when someone is having a problem due to the maintenance.

It is hopeful that none of the players in the League of Legends (LoL) Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) will be affected by this maintenance when playing their games although it is said that the maintenance will be finished by then.

The LoL DGL is currently in its third week, which means Transfer Window, meaning teams can make changes to their current roster if they so wish. This window of opportunity will be ending on Monday, 24 February, and teams are reminded that there are rules behind Transfer Window.

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