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LoL Pixel Poro Mini Game

Pixel Poro is quite a throwback to the very old, very awesome Pong game. On the right hand side you have Braum, the newest tank support to be included in League of Legends (LoL) and on the other side you have Leona, one of the better tank supports out there.

The game could become very addictive and quite competitive as players try to get three gems by hitting your Poro through a red Poro that flies around at random intervals. It is a great single player mini game but when playing with a partner it becomes even more competitive. The second player will take control of Leona, where they will try and beat you to a score of 10. If a player gets 10 points, they win.

Pixel Poro is a browser game that can be played on iOS and Android. Many players want this mini game to be available during the loading screen as sometimes it can take five minutes to get into game. It is a great idea but it is up to Riot Games to implement it, if they deem it necessary.

The keys are a little awkward as you have to use the “K” and “M” keys to move. According to Riot Games, “Regarding the K & M keys being used for movement instead of the more obvious choice of the arrow keys, this was due to an html consideration. The arrow keys would occasionally cause the page itself to scroll, or attempt to scroll.”

The last mini game Riot Games made did not last very long and it is hopeful that this one will last for a while as many players are enjoying it.

For more information on the mini game, you can go check out the LoL website. If you would like to try the game, you can do so here.

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