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LoL Pickup Has Arrived

Right now the League of Legends (LoL) pickup bot is in alpha stages and there are still a few kinks that are to be found and ironed out but it is working. Unfortunately, at the present moment there is no specific Teamspeak 3 channel so the Novus Clan channel, on the IS Gaming server, is being used. A channel will be made available in the very near future.

Pickups are used by many gamers as a way to refine, not just individual skill, but teamwork as well. They are a way for players to get to know each other within the South African community. As of now this is one of the very few ways South Africans can make sure that they play together and against each other.

Pickups are a good way for better players to help the mediocre players improve at the game. When it came to all the Call of Duty (CoD) pickups, many people were able to rise above their skill level as a result of being shown new ways of playing. This is what LoL Pickup would like to achieve, a South African community that betters itself by helping players transcend the skill gap.

For those that don’t know, a pickup is a mock clan match where gamers play in a five versus five scenario. For now LoL Pickup will only be played on Summoners Rift with the hopes of more modes and maps being added at a later stage.

What makes a pickup different from a clan match is that any player can fill the 10 slots by joining the current game through a chat program called Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Once a game is full, the teams are final; players will not be allowed to leave the game unless they are able to get a substitute from the IRC channel.

To find out more about LoL Pickup you can go to the LoL Pickup website. To join the chat you can either go to the website or join in through IRC.

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