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LoL Patch Notes 4.4

There have been a couple of changes to the League of Legends client, to help make things smoother when trying to invite players to a game. The changes in this patch are a continuation from patch 4.3 and some bug fixes.

  • Game owners are now labelled as “Owner” in the lobby invites panel

  • Players can no longer accept invites while in a matchmaking queue

  • Fixed an issue where players who relogged with an on-hold invite (the lobby entered champion select) experienced various issues preventing them from entering games

  • Fixed an issue where the invite system counted spectators when determining whether a custom lobby was full

  • Fixed a reconnect issue where players who restarted the client while spectating a custom game were stuck on a blank landing page upon relogging

In this patch we see a lot of champions having something or other done to change make them more balanced. The biggest change is to Kassadin, who got a complete rework.

Kassadin is a standard ban when playing a draft pick; this is especially after the amazing backdoor by Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez at the Intel Extreme Masters last year.

Riot Games had this to say about the rework: “ Old Kassadin's combination of high mobility, strong disables and high burst damage left his victims with very few to no options against him (other than banning him in every single ranked game), especially when he snowballed ahead. Our focus here is to introduce more counterplay to Kassadin's kit, something we couldn't do with number tweaks alone. For example, lowering Kass's damage doesn't make for an interesting gameplay interaction (it just means you can turn around and smash him in the face if you survive the burst), while increasing his cooldowns means he just needs to wait longer before blowing somebody up.”

In the end Riot Games decided to completely rework Kassadin’s kit to reinforce his theme as an anti-magic assassin with unrivalled mobility. Here is a list of the changes made:

  • Kassadin's attack range has been increased.

  • his passive has been changed so it no longer grants attack speed but avoids unit collision.

  • Null Sphere’s damage has been reduced and will no longer silence, but interrupt a channelled spell. Now grants a shield to Kassadin when used.

  • Nether Blade now passively deals bonus magic damage per auto attack and, when activated, deals higher bonus magic damage as well as restoring some of Kassadin's missing mana.

  • Force Pulse’s damage has been reduced slightly.

  • Riftwalk has a lot of changes. The cooldown has been reduced. It now scales with max mana and not Ability Power (AP). Each stack now doubles the mana cost of the next Riftwalk but the mana cost and the number of max stacks has been reduced to compensate. It also no longer refunds mana on hitting enemy champs.

For a full list of the changes in the 4.4 patch, you can go to the LoL website. Whether or not this patch changes the way the teams in the LoL Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg play the meta will still have to be seen.

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