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LoL Patch 4.12 Released

In game jungle timers have been something the general League of Legends (LoL) scene has been wanting for some time now. Sure, they could go and use a third party program to help them out, but that wasn’t always the best thing to do. Riot Games has now implemented its own jungle timers into the game and patch 4.12 sees it being released onto the live client.

The jungle timers will help track the next spawn time of Elder Lizards, and Ancient Golems as well as the Dragon and Baron Nashor. Timers will only start tracking a camp if you or a teammate directly witnesses a monster camp being fully cleared; this is similar to the minimap icons. If you manage to snipe Baron or Dragon without vision, the timer will set itself off.

Players can access jungle timers by pressing ‘TAB’, which is the default key, through the scoreboard where they will be situated at the top of the screen. The minimap icons have also had an overhaul to fit in with the new direction Riot Games is taking LoL.

Within this patch, Riot Games is trying to balance out the new items to still keep Marksmen effective but not to let them completely rule the map, like they did before. Bloodthirster has been changed again, as Riot Games tries to keep this item a core for some champions but not make it a staple on every single Marksman out there. There are also some changes to champions, as with every patch, but this time Lucian, one of the most popular and irritating Marksmen, has seen a substantial change to his numbers. It could be considered a nerf but some stats have been buffed to counteract it.

For a full look at all the changes that have been released, check out the LoL website.

Watch the video below for some first impressions of the new patch from Brian "TheOddOne" Wyllie, Coach for Team SoloMid.

Please be advised that there could be mature content not suitable for a younger audience.

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