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LoL One For All is Back

Although One for All was a great featured game mode and many people wanted it back after it was gone, most are looking forward to the twist it is bringing with it this time.

Riot Games has put quite the fun twist on the old featured game mode, One for All, to make it a mirror match. This means that every single person in the game will have the same champion. It will work on much the same principle as the last time, where the champion that has the highest amount of votes will be played. This could result in 10 Ziggs’ roaming Summoners Rift with their Mega Inferno Bombs ready to be deployed.

After playing your first game, Summoners will permanently unlock the One for All icon, which might take a few days to reflect on your account. Riot Games has also added a feature to One For All: Mirror Mode that allows you to buy a “Battle Boost” for your team during champion select which will cost you 150 Riot Points (RP). If you purchase one, you’ll temporarily unlock all the chosen champion’s currently available skins for yourself and your allies. Everyone on your team also gets a one game 100 Influence Points (IP) boost.

This next game mode will be available from 29 May until 8 June, giving players all the time they need to want Riot Games to make this a permanent game mode. It is hopeful that sometime soon Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) will be back with a twist of its own.

It will be interesting to see how these games pan out and if you would like to be a part of the South African montage, send through a YouTube link and why you enjoyed that specific game to

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