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LoL One for All Ending Today

Today will be the last day that you will be able to play the League of Legends (LoL) mode One for All. When first released, Riot Games specifically stated that One for All would not be a permanent game type.

Although One for All has been an exciting game-type, it is time to say goodbye as we await the next temporary game mode. Do not fear though, Riot Games has said that the more popular modes might see a return to the client.

Riot Games still has a variety of different game modes that are in the experimental stages and what better way to test out its viability than making it temporary and see the community’s reaction.

Riot Games is always looking to improve the quality of play when it comes to LoL, and introducing new game modes for limited amounts of time gives the players the excitement that always comes with something new.

Hopefully the new game mode will be released soon as the holidays are coming and the servers will be packed to the brim with Summoners getting in the time before having to head back to work or school.

If you want to discuss some of your ideas, you can do so via the general discussion forums. For more information on the gameplay modes, you can check out the official post. As soon as news of the new mode becomes available you will be notified.

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