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LoL Minimum Spec Update

As a result of Apple no longer developing security updates for the 10.6 operating system, Riot Games is updating their minimum system requirements for League of Legends (LoL).

The patch to bring this update is said to be the 4.7 patch. There are a few routes that players on 10.6 can follow. Apple is upgrading machines compatible for 10.9 “Mavericks” for free. The machines compatible are the following:

  • iMac - mid 2007 or newer
  • MacBook - late 2008 Aluminum, early 2009 or newer
  • MacBook Pro – mid to late 2007 or newer
  • MacBook Air - late 2008 or newer
  • Mac mini - early 2009 or newer
  • Mac Pro - early 2008 or newer
  • Xserve - early 2009

If your machine is not included in that list, you can still buy an upgrade to 10.7 "Lion" for $20 (R209.74). The following is a list of machines compatible with 10.7 "Lion":

  • iMac - late 2006 or newer
  • MacBook - late 2006 or newer
  • MacBook Pro - late 2006 or newer
  • MacBook Air - early 2008 or newer
  • Mac mini - mid 2007 or newer
  • Mac Pro - mid 2006 or newer

If you are unable to upgrade to these operating systems, you'll need to switch to running the Windows client through Bootcamp or another Virtual Machine program to continue playing League of Legends on 10.6.

Riot DryTheRiver says that “we strongly recommend upgrading to a newer computer as soon as you are able to, though we know this isn't a possibility for everyone. Since Apple has dropped security updates for Snow Leopard, your system, and your LoL account, will become increasingly vulnerable to risk. We'll keep you updated if our schedule changes in the coming weeks.”

For more information on Apple’s decision, you can go check out the announcement.

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