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LoL Legacy Vault is Open

Riot Games has opened the League of Legends (LoL) Legacy vault for a limited amount of time. 47 previously retired skins will be on sale from 29 November through to 31 December. Each skin will be 50 percent off on a specific day so get your calendars out and set reminders for your favourite skins.

A few people are complaining that these skins should not be on sale or that they should be getting compensation for buying them when they first came out. There claims are understandable, however, the Legacy skins are not limited edition. In the very first post about the Legacy skins, Riot Games stated that the skins would be coming back at a later date.

The reasoning behind these kinds of sales is that there are a lot of new players that never got the chance to buy the skins when they were first available. As a result of the increasing population of Summoners, it is very rare to see one of these Legacy skins. Another reason is that there are new servers that were not around when the skins were available; this makes those skins completely unavailable for viewing or buying on the newer servers.

For those Summoners that have to have all the Legacy skins, there will be a bundle available from 29 November until 2 December where you can grab every skin as well as the champions you do not own. This is a flexible cost bundle and will change depending on what you already have in your collection. Each skin in this bundle is 60 percent off and the champions (if needed) are 50 percent off).

As a result of the schedule for the skins being released early, Riot Games will not refund any purchases made before the discount date. If you are eager you can buy it at full price, otherwise you have to wait for the discount date.

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