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LoL Launcher Outage

Even in today’s world of technology, human error does exist as it takes a human to run the machines and keep them working. Unfortunately human error was the reason behind the League of Legends (LoL) launcher outage that occurred on 17 March 2014.

Over the course of the day Riot Games was in the process of moving to a faster system and in the process was shutting down old servers that were not in production. Unfortunately, one of the most crucial parts of the LoL client was temporarily shut down as a result. The “Play” button read “undefined”. For a few players this was no problem as they just used the “there is no urf level” phrase and were able to get back into the client. For the majority of the Summoners, the client was unavailable for quite an extended amount of time.

Riot Games realised there was a problem right away and after a few calls those servers were booted up again. What took all that time was that when the databases were improperly shut down, and subsequently rebooted, they went through a data recovery phase. The recovery phase checks to make sure that integrity of the data is still above par. The specific database had so much data to sort through that Riot Games started implementing a work-around to get the systems back up and running.

Although the work-around helped a lot, things had not completely recovered, even though players could now get to the login screen. Unfortunately there was no verification system in place for when they wanted to shut these databases down and as such there was a worldwide launcher outage.

It is said that this will not happen in the newer data centres that Riot Games is building, for example the Amsterdam Data Centre, as they won’t have the stale and old databases to deal with. This means that there should be no reason for another outage such as this one, as Riot Games now knows which servers to shut down and which are critical to the running of the client.

For a more in-depth explanation for the outage, you can go to the LoL website.

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