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LoL ISP Issues and Maintenance

Riot Games has been having a big issue with lag in League of Legends (LoL) lately, especially when it comes to the European servers, namely Europe West (EUW) and Europe Nordic and East (EUNE).

This has been a constant problem for the European servers and it seems that it is just getting worse. Riot Games’ technical support team is currently working on the problem and they had ISP maintenance to try and resolve the issue.

The community is in an uproar at the moment as a result of what the community sees as a promise that Riot Games made about two months ago, when it comes to server lag. Riot Games said that they have an automated system that would nullify losses every time the server faced issues. This was deemed as player compensation for previous server issues.

Unfortunately it is a manual process and the compensation isn’t perfect. The reason why the community is outrages is because this system has not been used. Many of the people that have experienced the lag have had to quit the game and were reported for having to do so. If Riot Games had used the Loss Forgiven application, like they said they would, these Summoners would not have to face the Tribunal or any type of punishment as a result of leaving.

There has been a huge post in the general forums attacking the Riot employee that first posted about the Loss Forgiven application and it seems that this time the community will not give any leeway. Riot Games is going to have to go back and look at all the games affected and implement Loss Forgiven.

Lag on these servers has been a huge problem of late as a result of the Frankfurt Data Centre problems and it is hopeful that Riot Games will be able to fix its broken servers.

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