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LoL EU Service Update

In the few months since the beginning of the year League of Legends (LoL) and Riot Games has seen an increased amount of DDOS attacks on its server infrastructure. There are several attacks that happen every day and while Riot Games does what they can to keep the effects minimal, there are times when it gets out of hand.

At the moment Riot Games has one major goal in mind, focusing on the Amsterdam data centre. This centre will help as there is an ever increasing amount of Summoners playing the game, which the Frankfurt data centre just cannot keep up with.

The Amsterdam data centre has been in the process since the end of last year. Many Riot employees were in Amsterdam physically installing hardware, configuring the core infrastructure and imaging servers, while Riot employees in worldwide offices worked remotely on additional configuration and design support.

Errigal, Managing Director Europe (EU), says that “It is a truly collaborative effort across various fields of Tech Operations: building up brand new Europe West (EUW) platform (over 70 different services powered by hundreds of devices), networking, racking and imaging of game servers, installing security devices, power management, bandwidth and connectivity configuration, monitoring, and more.”

So far all major Environment Build milestones set for January and February have been completed. All the physical devices that will form the new EUW platform are in place, racked, connected and configured. The capacity at the Amsterdam data centre will exceed that of the Frankfurt data centre so that the same problem of overcrowding does not happen again.

Riot Games is now working on deploying the core platform, after which various load tests will be performed to make sure the data centre can handle it. There are only a few steps after this, including the data migration and thorough QA passes.

There is no ETA on the new data centre as there are so many things that need to be tested and retested to make sure that it is truly ready to go live. This might, however, help the lag spikes that have been cropping up while teams from the LoL Telkom Do Gaming League (DGL) 2014 Summer Leg have had while trying to play their matches.

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