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LoL Disconnects due to Hardware Failure

There have been a large number of Summoners that have been suffering from disconnections recently, and Riot Games has given some insight into what happened.

Once again the Frankfurt data centre was hit by misfortune as an unexpected hardware failure caused anyone on the affected circuit to disconnect from their game. The backup to the failed hardware kicked in, and connectivity was restored.

The Frankfurt data centre supports the Europe West (EUW) and Europe Nordic and East (EUNE) game servers, as well as the Russia and Turkey platforms. So it was quite a big problem for Riot Games.

Riot Games is currently getting more information about what caused the hardware failure and want to let the Summoners, affected by this problem, know that they have identified the root cause and will be monitoring the situation.

Unfortunately this is the second incident at the Frankfurt data centre in the past month and hopefully Riot Games will be able to take some strain off of it in the near future. They are working on switching EUW and EUNE to a brand new platform and new game servers in Amsterdam, this move will be happening in early 2014.

The Summoners have been asking Riot Games to make the match, which had the disconnections, void as some of them were in their Promotion Series and got a loss due to the incident.

Riot Games has not yet revealed whether or not they will void the matches affected by the incident so the Summoners are still hopeful that they will get what they have asked for.

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