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LoL All Stars Round-up

Two months ago, Riot Games announced that the League of Legends (LoL) All Stars event will be held at the Le Zenith Arena in Paris. The teams have played their hardest throughout the past four days, to be crowned the LoL All Stars and what an interesting four days it has been.

For those that have not yet watched the games, you should read no further. There will be a ton of spoilers here.

The All Stars event started off with Team Fire taking on Team Ice in an Ultra Rapid Fire (URF) game. According to players and casters that spoke to them, Team Ice was just going to play the games to have fun and not be too serious. Unfortunately for Team Ice, Team Fire decided that this was in fact a very serious competition and completely mowed down Team Ice. Of course Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg was MVP of that game, claiming over 20 kills in the short amount of time it took to win the game.

It was an insane time and a lot of fans really enjoyed the time spent watching the match. After this Challenge match, the group stages of the Invitational begun. In the first game of the day, OMG was able to beat out Fnatic, a low blow to the hometown favourites and the day kept getting worse for them.

In the third game, we saw a rematch of the North American (NA) versus European (EU) match, which Fnatic won last time. Unfortunately, they were not on from and Cloud 9 beat them out, giving them a 0-2 streak for the day. The rest of the games saw SKT T1 K beat TPA, OMG beat TPA and SKT T1 K take out Cloud 9.

Day two started out with a Hexakill game with Team Ice trying to prove that they are better as they went head-to-head with Team Fire. It was a very interesting game as the two ex-players voted in by the community, took part, both ending up in the middle lane. It was amazing to see these two powerhouses of Season Two going against each other again. In the end Team Ice managed to heal their bruised ego a little bit as they won the match, putting them tied in points.

The rest of the day saw SKT T1 K take on OMG; of course SKT T1 K managed the win. Cloud 9 was able to take their game against TPA. Fnatic lost to the reigning champions, SKT T1 K. Cloud 9 beat OMG and Fnatic beat TPA. It is unfortunate that the Season Two Champions, TPA, were taken out of the running so quickly, but after losing all four games, they were unable to move on to the semi-finals.

Pick 10 was the game mode for teams Fire and Ice on day three. It was interesting to see the players having to choose the champions the fans wanted them to play most. Of course, the best match-up there, for EU players anyway, was Henrik “Froggen” Hansen on Anivia taking on Bjergsen on Zed. According to most casters, that was meant to be a very difficult match for Froggen, but somehow he managed to outplay the Zed and was able to take Team Ice to their second victory.

The semi-finals of the Invitational saw OMG taking on Cloud 9. It was a very interesting series as Cloud 9 made a few too many mistakes and ended up losing the games 0-2. Fnatic had pretty much the same misfortune as they took on SKT T1 K. They managed to look good in the start of the first game but could not keep it together and ended up losing 0-2 to the reigning champions.

There were four Challenge matches to watch on day four. There were three 1vs1 games and then a duo game. Fire won the first match, Ice won the second and Fire won the third, making them tied up in score. It was down to the final game as we saw Froggen take on Gao "WeiXiao" Xuecheng. The game was pretty close and had to ended with a win to Team Ice. So the team that wanted to have fun and mess around was the team that eventually won out the Challenge matches.

The finals went the way many Summoners expected it to go. OMG just didn’t have the skill required to take down the Season Three World Champions. Even though the first game of the best-of-five was very close, SKT T1 K decided that they would not be taken out of their championship spot. SKT T1 K managed to win the series, going undefeated in the entire tournament. A great day for the Korean Summoners.

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