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LoL 2014 Ranked Season is Upon Us

The League of Legends (LoL) 2014 Ranked season has begun, starting with a soft reset of the leagues. When leagues were first introduced it was as a result of combatting “ladder anxiety”, which is where players were too nervous about losing their rank to actually play.

A lot of people were exploiting demotion immunity when reaching Division V of their league by making it almost impossible to play a good game with them. For the 2014 season, Riot Games has decided that it will be possible for players to be demoted if they consistently play at a lower skill level while losing games. These players will, of course, be warned before being demoted and hopefully that will help improve ranked play at Division V of each league.

“LP Clamping” was also removed; this is where players would see miniscule amounts of League Point (LP) gain in Division I of their league. This will still be prevalent in Diamond I as it should be much harder to get into Challenger.

The changes to the Ranked system are as follows:

  • Play 10 games in ranked solo or duo queue, or 5 games in ranked teams to be seeded into a league.

  • Ranked inactivity has been reset and re-enabled for the start of the season

  • Changed LP calculations so players will no longer see a sudden decrease in gains when hitting Division I in all tiers (except Diamond)

  • Once you enter a new tier, you’ll have a set number of games where you are invulnerable to dropping out

  • After you play these games, if you fall a full tier below your placement in terms of Match Making Rating (MMR), a demotion warning will appear in your profile

  • Continuing to lose games at 0 LP will result in a demotion to Division I of the next lower tier

  • Challenger pool in solo and duo ranked queues have been increased to 200 players (from 50)

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