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Heimerdinger Visual Update is Available

Heimerdinger’s visual update has been in the works for quite some time and now it seems that he is ready to re-join his fellow champions in the League of Legends (LoL).

Pretty much all of Heimerdinger has been given an upgrade, even down to his turrets. He now also has hair, even though previously it looked more like his brain than anything associated with hair. For more information on the changes, you can go to the LoL website.

Of course a visual update means that Heimerdinger’s spell particles have also been changed. You can see the changes in the following picture and video.

With this visual update comes a really cool promotion, a bundle that features every single one of Heimerdinger’s skins. The bundle includes the two legacy skins as well. Summoners can grab this opportunity for 3810 Riot Points (RP) which is 25 percent off the original price.

Now we’ll see how many Summoners “raise their dongers” and hit the Rift with their updated visuals.

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