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Drama with TSM and Summoning Insight

Team Solo Mid (TSM) has been getting a bit of “hate” lately as they fall to the bottom half of the results log. As a result of this, Andy "Reginald" Dinh, the coach for TSM has decided that it would be best if the players stop doing interviews and concentrate on their individual as well as team skill.

According to Dinh, TSM has had a good relationship with Travis Gafford since his early days and had decided to go to him with the decision to no longer do interviews with Summoning Insight (SI) as a result of the negative attitude the show has towards them. This was all done in confidence and has since blown up in Dinh’s face. He has been raged at and called a chimp over various social media, including SI.

Here is the story according to Dinh:

It is unfortunate when these kinds of things happen in private, but to make it a public affair is just indecent. Sure the community enjoys seeing someone/something crumble, just like they do with movie stars, but this was something that has brought a lot of bad publicity to both parties and has shed a light on the toxic behaviour of the LoL community.

OnGamers has since apologised to Dinh and the entire TSM organisation for the way things have been done, and although SI will not be taken off the air, it is hopeful that things like this do not continue on into the future. SI is an interesting show with some valid points that the LoL community can use to their advantage and it would be a shame for it to be shut down as a result of negative publicity, which has been caused by its interviewers.

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