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Curse Voice Problems

Curse Voice is a third party program that functions similarly to TeamSpeak in the way that it allows you to connect and chat with people that you are playing with. That is its main function although it also came with a few things that would make team play easier than it already is.

Curse Voice had an overlay which would activate once you got into a game. It would show Dragon, Baron and Ultimate timers. Although there are many third party programs that make the timings easier, none of them were automatic. Sure the map lets you know when camps and the like are down, which is essentially what Curse Voice did, but according to quite a few players it gave other Summoners an unfair advantage as a result of it being in closed beta.

There are a few reasons that Riot Games has expressed for the way in which Curse Voice could become a banable program. The following are Riot Games’ reasons:

“Our top priority is to preserve the consistency of the in-game player experience.”

“League of Legends (LoL) is a competitive game, and it’s critical that players have a level playing field. It’s also important that the game experience you get when you download LoL is the complete experience; you shouldn’t have to go digging for other apps and add-ons just to stay competitive. It is also important that the games you play are stable and secure. If any third party can potentially affect the stability of the core LoL experience, we will always act in the best interest of all players.”

“We strive to make League of Legends the most sportsmanlike competitive game.”

“Programs or applications that warp your first interactions with other players have a direct impact on the sportsmanship of the game, and everyone deserves a fair first handshake.”

“We want the community to be empowered to contribute to the League of Legends experience”.

As long as it does not clash with the above points, the community is encouraged to contribute to the LoL experience.

There is a very long post on the LoL forums discussing this topic and Riot employees are replying to questions and comments made by the community.

After this announcement, Curse Voice has been updated to take out the timers and has now become like any other VoIP communication method. Curse had the following to say about the post from Riot Games:

“Hello Summoners,
Based on a recent announcement from Riot, and our desire to always remain in compliance with their wishes, we have taken the proactive step of removing Ultimate, Dragon, and Baron timers from Curse Voice. We are happy to oblige in any way we can to provide the best experience possible for our users and trust their judgement in setting those guidelines.

We strongly believe in the core functionality of the product, and that is to allow players to choose, or not choose, to speak with other gamers in the best VoIP solution for gamers. It is also our understanding that this change in functionality falls within the new guidelines set by Riot.”

For those still wanting to use Curse Voice, you can apply for a beta key on the website.

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